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22 Years of Experience

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From Start to Finish

After being in the industry for 22 years and working on both sides of the process (design development & management/installation), Rhythm has identified a disconnect of communication. Typically, a client will hire a designer and then the information is passed off the the contractor and then to the installer. A lot can be missed during these hand-offs. Claire decided to streamline the process by doing this all under one roof. The client starts the process with Claire and her design team and instead of waiting until all the decisions are made, she carefully curates the installation and trades-person team right away. This way, they can pull from their expertise right off the bat. To streamline even more, Rhythm also procures product and manages logistics. They know what is available and the actual cost. They can also offer deeper discounting since they are sourcing directly from the manufacturer. This unique system allows for a quicker and more efficient project life line. Rhythm has a trusted team that provides excellent results and has fun doing it. 

Through the entire process


Rhythm Interiors & Install Process


Initial Consultation

Client & Designer meet.

They discuss needs, timeline, aesthetics, and budget.

Traditional Process


Initial Consultation

Client & Designer meet.

They discuss needs, timeline, aesthetics, and budget.


What does construction have to do with cruise ships?

When a cruise ship needs renovation, it goes into Dry Dock. It has only 10 days to tear down and rebuild. The process is fascinating, hard work, and takes immense planning. We know this process intimately because Claire was the project manager for a fleet of five ships. She directed and managed multiple international crews all while creating new and enticing designs for the fleet. Planning was critical but most importantly, it was about the partnerships. There was little time to point fingers when an issue arose. Interactions must be strictly solution based. In addition, having fun and keeping things light was a must.

Ship's Wheel

Roadmap Overview

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