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Energy Space Clearing

Rhythm partners with Elevation, an energic space clearing service located in Asheville. It is important it to start a project with a blank slate on the physical plane as well as the energetic one. Clearing the energy also helps the construction process by keeping the vibration as high as it can be. We believe if we can raise the vibration on each of our projects it will help spread a collective light. We thrive to deliver a fresh start for each of our clients and their patrons. 


Elevation Space Clearing Services

Step One

Survey the space. 

Step Two

Off Site mediation for first clearing. Removes old energies that are no longer serving the space. 

Step Three

Follow up clearings to keep energies clear during the construction process. 

Step Four

Final clearing before handing the space over to the client. 

Additional maintenance clearings are offered under a separate contract.

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