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Asheville, North Carolina


Claire Counts
Owner, Designer, Project Manager

Claire Counts grew up just down the road in Greenville, South Carolina. She received her degree in Interior Design in 2001. Since then, she has had the privilege to work on projects that encompass most commercial industries. These range from commercial offices, tenant improvements, healthcare, senior living, hospitality, retail, restaurants, bio-tech facilities and multi-family/mixed use buildings and cruise ships. 

Claire has completed projects all over the world and can easily adapt to cultural differences and sensitivities. Her design philosophy is less about what she wants and more about what your vision is. She sees the relationship between client and designer as more of a fusion of ideas and experiences. Claire wants to partner with you to achieve your dream!

In addition to being a designer and manager, Claire is also an intuitive energy worker and specializes in clearing spaces. Though mediation and guided by source, she clears spaces of old energy and entities that are no longer serving the space. She also performs clearings throughout the construction process to keep things moving smoothly. 

In order to connect the community, Claire founded and manages asheBUILT, a networking group that brings the commercial building community together. 

Rhythm believes in equal rights and pay for all and strives to create a healthy environment for everyone to succeed. Being woman-owned, we know what discrimination is and will continue to fight for a balanced work site. 

Rhythm Interiors is excited to share with you how they can create a healthy and efficient Rhythm for your next project!

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'When we work together, our goal is not only to create a usable space, but to create an experience for your patron. Through design, we can transport people to another world.'

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