One misconception is that commercial products and residential products are the same. This couldn't be further from the truth. The product you choose is an investment. It can be a maintenance nightmare or something you can forget about. Use our two decades of education in the commercial world to select the right product for you, your budget and your brand. 

Design: We will create a cohesive design schemes curated to attract your target market. 

Product Consultations - Based on 20 years of experience in design, installation and maintenance, we will weigh durability, budget, availability and aesthetic to find the perfect product for your investment.  

Construction Drawings - We pull together a set of plans that will have all your contractor needs. Set typically includes: Floor Plans, Elevations, Finish Plans & Legend. Full Stamped Architectural permit sets available upon request. 

Three Scheme Packages: Great for the developer of spec homes, condo or multi-family. 

Post Covid Product and Material Ideas

  • Ceiling Tiles – Consider Health Zone ceiling tiles. This tile has a great NRC rating and is made for areas with high humidity and resist mold and bacteria. 

  • Carpet tiles – When a virus droplet lands on carpet, the carpet sucks out the moisture of the virus and kills it. Carpet tiles are also great for acoustics.

  • Flooring- Consider a wood look instead of concrete. After the shake up, we are all in need of healing. Healing comes from nature, so lean into bringing the outside in. A vinyl wood look gives the space warmth and does not need to be refinished which can be healthier of the environment. 

  • Cabinets

    • Consider a laminate with antimicrobial properties or a solid surface with copper strands. Copper innately kills viruses.

    • Hardware – Pulls – Consider using pull with copper which kills viruses.

  • Paint – Consider using an antimicrobial paint.

  • Furniture – Consider using fabrics made for healthcare settings that have a shield to protect the moisture from setting in and easy to clean.

  • Tip: Incorporate signs throughout the space highlighting antimicrobial products to build trust with patrons and help them feel safe.