The owner, Claire Wiese,  is originally from Greenville, South Carolina and received her BFA in Interior Design in 2001. After graduation, she worked for commercial interior design firms for 15 years in the Carolina's and on the west coast. Her projects include commercial offices, tenant improvements, healthcare, senior living, hospitality, retail, restaurants, bio-tech facilities and multi-family/mixed use buildings. Claire added a layer of expertise to her bag of tricks when she worked as a project manager and designer for a cruise line. She was in charge of everyday maintenance and large scale renovations for four cruise ships. Claire worked with international teams and traveled the world updating ships. 

After being in the industry for 20 years and working on both sides of the process (design development & management/installation), she identified a disconnect of communication. Typically, a client will hire a designer and then the information is passed off the the contractor and then to the installer. A lot can be missed during these hand-offs. Claire decided to streamline the process by doing this all under one roof. The client starts the process with Claire and her design team and instead of waiting until all the decisions are made, she carefully curates the installation and trades-person team right away. This way, they can pull from their expertise right off the bat. To streamline even more, Rhythm also procures product and manages logistics. They know what is available and the actual cost. They can also offer deeper discounting since they are sourcing directly from the manufacturer. This unique system allows for a quicker and more efficient project life line. Rhythm has a trusted team that provides excellent results and has fun doing it. 

Rhythm believes in equal rights and pay for all and strives to create a healthy environment for everyone to succeed. Being woman-owned, we know what discrimination is and will continue to fight for a balanced work site. 

Rhythm Interiors is excited to share with you how they can create a healthy and efficient Rhythm for your next project!

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